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At Perth Patio Magic only the newest technology and highest quality is good enough –
That’s why we use the suppliers we do.

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Pick from two styles, corrugated or trimdeck, and from any of the many COLORBOND colours. Take a look at the difference:

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Spanplus 330 Sheets

These sheets are designed to span further than the regular sheets, leaving you with a neat, clean look from underneath and a gloss finish. With multiple colours to choose from you’re sure to find one that suits you.

SolarSpan/Cool Roof

These revolutionary sheets are filled with a layer of foam insulation, which helps battle those hot summer days. Plus, they come with smooth clean underlays and an option of corrugated or trimdeck for the top to best match your surroundings.


SUNTUF Polycarbonate

This style of sheet really helps brighten up your patio area. With a wide range of light transmitting options that will let anywhere from 90% to 15% through, depending on your needs. This is a great choice if you want protection, but don’t want to lose any light entering your house. Plus, you can also use them as ‘skylights’ between sheets to let in set amounts of sunlight.


SUNTUF Beehive

These sheets are considerably thicker and more robust and as such have greater wind and snow loads as well as greater hail and impact resistance. They have an embossed underside surface which adds an aesthetic appearance in roofing applications.

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These sheets are ideal for home owners looking for that traditional glass look offering a clean and elegant appearance. Additionally they have a twin surface UV2 protected, offer Increased insulation against solar heat & sun glare and provide 99.99% UV Protection.

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