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A gable is a pitched A framed roof that’s perfect for making any space appear bigger. Simply pick our standard truss design to enhance your outdoor area, or if you’ve got something in mind, we’re happy to work with you to create a custom design and try something new!


A flat or skillion patio is as you’d imagine from the name, ‘flat’. It’s the most cost effective option, but that certainly doesn’t mean compromising on a quality finish. There are lots of options to make a flat roof suit your style, such as raising it higher than your fascia, having it falling away from the house or even back towards the house (skillon).

Hip ends:

A hip end patio gives the perfect finish to your gable patio when the simple truss just isn’t enough. It is also used to create a gable that flows around the corner of your home.


A pyramid patio has a four-sided peaked roof. It uses a similar style to the common gazebo, where the centre point of the patio is the highest. This style is ideal for covering spas or placed by the pool.


A dome is an arched, curve shaped patio that will really open up an area. We are able to get the steel and sheets rolled to form a rounded roof to seamlessly blend into your living space.


If you have a unique style house, tapered fence line or a specific design in mind, a custom built patio is your best bet. We’re an innovative company full of ideas, so if you need a hand, we’ll be there every step of the way.


Don’t forget, we also build steel frame carports in any design you choose. So you can keep your car or boat protected whatever the weather.


Whether you’re a big business, a small company starting out or somewhere in between, we’re here to keep staff and customers sheltered, expand your space and give an impressionable final look. Just give us a call to discuss all your options.

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